We Hide From the Sun

The shadows creep and night prevails,

We hide from the sun's enflamed nails.

Our veins ablaze, eternally doomed,

Endured by blood, foul and overgroomed.

Under the moon we thrive and we blush,

Existence ebbs and flows with each slash.

Driving our hunger, sweet our despair,

In darkness we hunt for the unaware.

Denied of light, our souls lie still

Banned from life, our voices shrill.

Through veils of gloom, our spirits abide,

As dawning falls in, we wither, we hide.

Alive we were once, now weary and pale,

All one's born days seem rotten and stale.

Unable to feel the sun's warm embrace,

We don't see life's colors nor its deep grace.

Sentenced to blackout, forever strait,

Crosses upended, destroyed in our hate,

In hollowness, vacant, we are undone,

Resenting survival, we hide from the sun.