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Coming Halloween 2014 to the TBMBD store.

These Books Must Be Destroyed!

New Stores: Displate & Crated

Recently there have been two more additions to my online art stores. One of them is offering the the usual but in great quality and pricing while the other offers a unique product on which art looks ridiculously good.


Displate is a manufacturer of exceptional prints on metal canvas, a unique and ideal material to present artworks in HD quality. They print on thick and durable steel, applied with a mounting system with a magnet that's easy to use and arrange. This fascinating new product does definitely worth the attention of all those who appreciate art.

See my art on Displate 


Crated is a new platform for art with a good looking web design, that sells posters, framed prints and canvasses of great quality in reasonable prices.


Mouth And Eyes And Heart All Bleed

Robert Smith, The Cure. Ink painting.

Illustrations For Four Short Stories By Robin Sandiford

I recently joined Medium, a great looking blogging platform, perfect for sharing stories and ideas and a much enjoyable place to read at. I have already posted some comics and writings and I'm willing to post more in the near future.

Robin Sandiford, my pal and writing partner also joined Medium and has posted so far a series of short stories that were first published in the Creative Writing section of Destroy//Exist. The following images are my illustrations created to accompany these stories. 

CSI: Miami: Slow Burn (Comic)

Horatio and Frank are investigating the death of a woman with bite marks on her body that they found near a slow burn in the Everglades. They have arrested and question the victim’s boyfriend, Mike Sheridan, but while interrogating him, the case takes a whole new twist…

Another three-page comic strip, created strictly for fun…

Unresponsive II


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@Redbubble | @Society6 | @Zazzle
Ink and acrylic painting.


@Redbubble | @Society6 | @Zazzle

Ink and acrylic painting.