New NAUSEA strips

I hadn't done that in a while, but finally a couple of new episodes of the cartoon strip, NAUSEA, I do on Destroy//Exist are now up.
Read them here...

Blackest Ever Black Xmas

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Black Xmas: The Final Bargain // Free eBook

A family of six goes through Christmas time, with each of its members in their own mindset. Some of them have planned to include the whole town into their holiday festivities.

"Black Xmas: The Final Bargain" is the second annual Christmas short story by Zombie Rust and Robin Sandiford, available as a free eBook download.

A clean (no-text) version of the cover illustration is already up on Redbubble and Society6, available as prints and on some products.

The End! Zomblicity 7 Variant Cover

Zomblicity love continues, as I am very glad to have gotten a chance to illustrate a variant cover for Zomblicity #7, the last issue which will be coming out sometime in 2015, when the storyline will conclude.

Follow the links for a clean (without the text) version, available as prints.

Zomblicity Animated Series / Storyboards For The Pilot Episode

About a year ago, webcomic Zomblicity did a lot of work and effort to develop an animated series, that unfortunately never got commissioned. For that purpose I inked some storyboards for the pilot episode, penciled by Farcreazy Farid, that are now up on the Zomblicity website.

In that episode three kids are camping in the woods and they're inside their tent, scaring each other by taking turns to narrate campfire ghost stories.

0 Days To Halloween: Bastards//Bones, New Book Out Now

Bastards//Bones is now live up on the These Books Must Be Destroyed! Lulu bookstore, on paperback and digital eBook.

Perfect-bound Paperback
Full colour, 100 pages, 6 x 9 inches

and PDF download

Happy Halloween...


1 Day To Halloween: Foreword/Afterword Ink Sketches

A couple of new ink sketches to accompany my Foreword and Robin's Afterword in the book. Tomorrow Bastards//Bones will be available in the TBMBD! bookstore.

2 Days To Halloween: www.

New ink drawing for the bonus story, www. out of the Bastards//Bones anthology book.

3 Days To Halloween: Strike A Pose

One night while Anne is on shift at the diner, she is joined by one of her acting classmates, April, who is around the same age as her. The diner is filled with red plastic chairs, red trays, pine tables, there’s hot filter coffee bubbling away, checkered tiles and red booths that sit the maximum of four people per table. There's an arcade machine with space monsters darting across the screen. A solitary young twelve-year-old boy is rattling away at the controls, fixated on the screen and he is making a racket. April is sat alone in one of the booths, she is there to grab some coffee and provide Anne some company. April is hoping to get a chance to chat with Anne. She has a folded up newspaper next to her tray, with a red circle on one of the ads. As they finally get to talk, it's hard for them to hear each other over the loud noise from the arcade machine, the kid just hit a high score. They scowl at him.

 Excerpt from Strike A Pose, a story out of the Bastards//Bones anthology book.