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Zombie Rust is a self taught artist, writer of fiction, music journalist and pop culture enthusiast. He has released two anthologies of sci-fi/horror stories, as well as a series of art books that include some of his paintings, comics and illustrations. He is the founder and head writer of Destroy//Exist, a website that focuses mainly on underground music.



Happy New Year... 

Halloween Sick

HALLOWEEN SICK is a gallery of 31 artworks, created throughout October 2016 for the annual Countdown To Halloween blogging event as well as the Inktober drawing challenge. 

All artworks in this collection have been drawn within the limits of an oval shaped template in just black ink, white ink and inkwash. 

All images are fictional and have been inspired by the infinity of the universe and human stupidity.

ISBN 9781365498558
Copyright Zombie Rust (Standard Copyright License)
First Edition
Publisher: These Books Must Be Destroyed!
Published October 31st, 2016
Language: English, Pages: 68, Perfect-bound Paperback, Full color interiors
0.73 lbs., 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches tall

0 Days To Halloween: Zombies (Are Hip Again)

Links to prints and products soon.

This concludes my contribution to this year's Countdown and the Inktober challenge. Happy Halloween...

1 Day To Halloween: Mensa Ready

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2 Days To Halloween: I Collect Them

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3 Days To Halloween: Trve Goth Is Hard To Find

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4 Days To Halloween: Kinda Creepy

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5 Days o Halloween: Take Me First

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6 Days To Halloween: Begone Evil Spirit

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A teenage person doesn't decide or plan to be an antisocial personality, like they do work out in their minds how to become an athlete, a scientist, an artist or how to take over their parents' business and what will they do after they retire. You become antisocial because either you were born a wacko or your surroundings made you one.

Excerpt from "The Sociopath Seven"

A short story

She reached to the bottom shelf of the record storage unit which beside her bed stored a few dozen vinyl albums. She pulled out a record and gazed upon the cover image for a bit. On an all black background, right below the band's indistinct logo, a monochrome illustration depicted the top of an imposing building which had the appearance of a grandiose Cathedral. She unfolded the gatefold packaging and with care she pulled out the black vinyl record from its white inner sleeve. The combined smell of vinyl and paper hit her nostrils hard and excited her like a child in a candy store. With both hands she placed it onto the player that sat on top of the furniture, put the needle on and began spinning the album.

Excerpt from "Arson"

A short story

Cursed be he who enters this sacred tomb. Illness and death shall come to him. He, the impure who shall dare to enter my resti ng place, shall feel the fear of myself upon him, he will be judged by my own hand, as I shall wring his neck like a bird’s.

Excerpt from "Five Thousand Years Old"

Part of the horror anthology, "Bastards//Bones"