Ink painting for a new Black Metal themed short story, soon to come.

The Sociopath Seven: The Home Trasher

You become antisocial because either you were born a wacko or your surroundings made you one. A company of teenage troublemakers figured it out the hard way.

Inks, digitally processed.

Cover image for the short story, The Sociopath Seven, available to read for free on Inkitt

Don't You Forget About Me

Inks on cartridge paper.


A new installment in the DARK COMEDIANS series of ink portraits. More to come.

SKULLFACED: Original Art by Zombie Rust

George Costanza's Answering Machine

Interstellar Record Hunt

@Redbubble | @Society6 | @Displate

Commissioned piece for Record Store Day 2015. Ink drawing, coloured digitally.


Emily Dickinson