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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

3 Days To Halloween: Strike A Pose

One night while Anne is on shift at the diner, she is joined by one of her acting classmates, April, who is around the same age as her. The diner is filled with red plastic chairs, red trays, pine tables, there’s hot filter coffee bubbling away, checkered tiles and red booths that sit the maximum of four people per table. There's an arcade machine with space monsters darting across the screen. A solitary young twelve-year-old boy is rattling away at the controls, fixated on the screen and he is making a racket. April is sat alone in one of the booths, she is there to grab some coffee and provide Anne some company. April is hoping to get a chance to chat with Anne. She has a folded up newspaper next to her tray, with a red circle on one of the ads. As they finally get to talk, it's hard for them to hear each other over the loud noise from the arcade machine, the kid just hit a high score. They scowl at him.

 Excerpt from Strike A Pose, a story out of the Bastards//Bones anthology book.

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