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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dr. J

Although this may seem like an unusual theme for me to paint, it  really isn't. As a small kid who had just started drawing some, I used to do basketball themed images all the time. I vividly remember how I loved to draw the actual basketball, it used to fascinate me much the way the stitches traced a path across its surface and depending on the angle you were looking at it, you could see all different kinds of shapes. It's true that I may have not drawn nothing of the sort since that time, but the bottom line is I love the game.

Julius Erving is one of the most inspirational people to ever step on the court. The way he was built, with the huge arms and the giant leap, his almost supernatural abilities as an athlete made the sport look easy to play. The way he looked, with the coolest 'fro and the weird facial expressions as he invented the slam dunk, made the game even more popular and had the audience talk about him in reverence, even to this day. No matter his personal life complications and tragedies, the man is a true legend for all times. After all, Michael himself looked up to this guy.

This started as a simple drawing just to warm up and ended taking up all of my available time. And a much enjoyable time it was.

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