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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 days to Halloween: Bastard Devouring His Son

Saturn or Saturn Devouring One of His Sons or Saturno devorando a su hijo is probably Fransisco Goya's most disturbing work of his Black Paintings series, produced directly to the walls of his Quinta del Sordo residence with oil paints, between 1819 and 1823.
In that dramatic scene, Greek god Saturn, driven by madness, jealousy and cannibalistic ferocity consumes his own son to prevent him from overthrowing him... The eternal conflict between the young and the old.
Concerning famous paintings, I'm never that enthusiastic with parodies and reproductions but I couldn't resist myself on this one. Saturn has always been one of my favourite and most shocking paintings I'd ever seen as a kid and this is my clumsy tribute to it. I tried to maintain the work's indistinct feel, that's why the not so sharp shapes and brushstrokes.
Goya may have obviously been inspired by the much more refined Peter Paul Rubens' 1636 same titled painting but his more gory and total horrific version of the myth will always bring thoughts of what a great mind can do even with a quick or not so fine finished artwork...

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